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Argentina Mixed Bag

For decades, Argentina has been regarded as the choice destination for traveling sportsmen seeking the ultimate adventure.  High volume dove hunting put this country on the map decades ago due to the  vast scale of commercial agriculture and plague status of the species.  If you have ever hunted doves in Argentina, you know that few things can compare to the experience of burning through thousands of shells during a trip.  You also know that a dove-only trip offers only one activity.  The High Adventure Company remains a pioneer in Argentina outfitting by offering the mixed bag program.  This design of this hunt package was based on the conviction that today’s traveling sportsmen are looking for something more diverse and unique than a typical high-volume dove trip.  That by no means suggests that our packages are void from dove hunting, as the backbone of our program is some of the finest high-volume dove hunting in all of Argentina.


Our hunting package combines ducks, perdiz (partridge), pigeons and doves.  All species have thrived in recent years due to the increase in expansion of agricultural practices in the region.  Our hunting takes place in the migratory paths for ducks which fly north from the colder southern regions.  There are also several species of local ducks.  Perdiz hunting is terrific upland shooting over dogs which both point and retrieve.  Pigeons are shot out of blinds over decoys in recently harvested fields.  The dove hunting takes place along tree lines under fly-ways of birds going to and from any number of the major roosts in the area.  Each hunter has a personal guide or ‘bird boy’ throughout the trip who will accompany him from sunrise to sunset each day.


Argentina is synonymous with the finest bird hunting in the world and for good reason.  In a country two thirds the size of the U.S. and with a population of just forty million, there is plenty of natural habitat.  Start with that picture and add ideal climate and large scale commercial agriculture and you end up with a prime habitat for birds.  Our mixed bag program takes place in the Entre Rios province, which is also known locally as ‘Siempre Verde’ or ‘always green’.  This is due to the year-round rainfall and large amount of water in the province’s rivers, streams and ponds.  Among other things, Entre Rios is home to the Parana river which is the largest river in Argentina.


The mixed bag season runs from the beginning of May to the end of August, which is winter in Argentina.  During these months, ducks, perdiz, doves, pigeons and freshwater dorado fishing are in-season and offered together in our exclusive package.


We pride ourselves on our unparalleled field service, but our lodging is no less impressive.  Our lodges have been built with the most discriminating sportsmen in mind.  Gourmet chefs specialize in game dishes, often preparing the birds you hunt, and exhaustive selections of fine wine allow you to experience the best in Argentina’s rich wine-making legacy.  Spacious living areas and a full bar with top-shelf liquor set the stage for a memorable post-hunt cocktail and appetizer hour.  Comfortable bedrooms with private bathrooms allow guests privacy, and the lodges in general provoke relaxation due to their picturesque settings.  Make no mistake, you will not be roughing it on this hunting trip! Unlike other packages offering a variety of bird hunts in one trip, the HAC allows you to do it all and sleep in the same bed every night.

Getting There

Sportsmen traveling to Entre Rios, Argentina fly into Buenos Aires and then take a connection flight to the city of Santa Fe.  Our services begin with pick-up at the Santa Fe Airport.  Guests may also elect to fly directly to the city of Parana on a private charter.  The HAC will be happy to make private charter arrangements for its guests.


The climate in Entre Rios during our mixed bag season is mild winter in nature.  Expect the possibility of light rain and lows at night to dip down to the mid 40’s with highs during the day in the low 70’s.


5 day packages beginning at $4875 per person

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