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“In 2011, it seemed the pinnacle of waterfowl operations in America had been reached.  In 2014 Hooray Ranch entered the scene and changed the American waterfowl world forever.  As a wildlife Biologist, owner of one of South America’s premier operations, and the official outfitter for the 500 year old Beretta Company, I am paid to evaluate operations on the daily basis.   Not only does Hooray Ranch offer the finest accommodations in the American sporting community, it exhibits the most intensive example of waterfowl management I have seen on any continent. In its premier season every hunter that entered a Hooray Ranch blind exited with a limit of waterfowl.”

John Burrell, President of High Adventure Company


Hooray Ranch takes waterfowl hunting to a whole new level.  It is more than a mere hobby or passion, it is truly their lifestyle.  More time is devoted in the off season preparing for the upcoming migration than in the field during hunting season.  Hooray has implemented water control structures to maintain desired water levels; created levy systems to maximize retention; and cleared dead timber to open some amazing timber holes!  With over 20,000 acres of land and 59 individual bodies of water, they are able to accommodate most any desired style of hunting.  If you prefer flooded timber, marshes, small loafing ponds, large watersheds or field hunts, Hooray Ranch has something for you!  Fortunately, it is located directly in the peak migration route of the central flyway.  This allows for an unbelievable amount of fresh birds moving into the area continuously.  We are also in close proximity to both Cheyenne Bottoms and Quivira National Wildlife Refuge.  At  Hooray Ranch, the amount of hunters in the field are limited per week.  This allows the birds to rest and alleviates some hunting pressure.  Year round habitat improvement and planting programs that are specifically designed to maximize bird retention are practiced.  Corn, millet, and milo are planted exclusively to be flooded, not harvested.  The combination of these practices creates nothing less than perfect conditions for your waterfowl hunting experience.

Additional Notes from Hooray: “Thanks to our Partners at Tanglefree, we hunt over brand new spreads of what we believe to be the most effective decoys on the market. You will never be asked to set out or pick up decoys.  The hunters at Hooray Ranch are driven literally to the “blind side”.  We utilize a number of different means to accomplish this such as strategic blind placement, 4-wheelers, Gators, and an 8-wheel drive Argo.  Once you’ve reached your bird limit, we will transport you back to the lodge to enjoy the many features Hooray Ranch has to offer.  Your guide will clean and package your birds for your trip home.”

Afternoon hunts

Due to the extremely highly successful waterfowl hunting at Hooray, we have to come up with an afternoon activity to keep our hunters entertained.  The habit around central Kansas is ideally suited for the king of game birds, the ringneck pheasant. Hooray Ranch employees its own guides to provide afternoon pheasant hunts for our clients.  Considering this is a preserve hunt, the general Kansas wild bird season dates don’t apply. Pheasant hunting can take place thru March 31st.


Mallard Mansion: This is the center piece of the Hooray Ranch Campus. It is a 10,000 square foot, five bedroom home designed with acute attention to detail. It is the perfect blend of old world charm with all the modern conveniences. This is a culmination of years of hunting all over the world, capturing the best of the best from the international travels of Mr. Dunn. Massive stone fireplaces, a private gun vault, wine cellar, and a world class outdoor kitchen/entertainment area are just a few of the features that set this amazing lodge apart. Imagine relaxing in front of the fireplace after a successful day’s hunt, taking in a view of the lake.

Honker House: The Honker house is one of the original structures preserved to enhance the property. It is a fully self-contained single bedroom home that was completely remodeled. A private living space and a full kitchen make this space appealing.

Pintail Palace: Pintail consists of two private suites, each with its own bath, and a common area with a wet bar, offering a loft type atmosphere. This is a great space for a group of four. Whether a hunting party of four or a family, it will satisfy even the most well-traveled group. Pintail offers a great retreat to get away from it all, while still just a few steps from all the other amenities and activities Hooray has to offer.

The Refuge: The refuge serves as the main gathering place. Its large open floor plan offers a great space to entertain large parties. It offers ten dual occupancy suites, six with private baths. It also serves as our dining area. In addition it is home to our signature “Duck Blind” Bar, a bar unlike any we have ever seen. Seven large flat screen televisions located above a “Duck Blind” offer a relaxing spot to take in the game and a cold beverage. Or, if you prefer, relax in front of the huge fire place and enjoy the view of our roosting lake, holding as many as 30,000 waterfowl of every species each year.

Pricing and Party Size

Hooray offers two exceptional packages that will surely fulfill your hunting desires. Each includes room and board, daily meals, transportation to the blind, guide, and a multitude of  other amenities and activities offered by Hooray. Hooray is capable of housing up to 10 hunters in a private group, or a total of 10 hunters if multiple groups are lodging at the same time.

The Hooray Grand Slam

  • With the Hooray Slam you will stay 4 nights and hunt 3 days. The hunt includes the Duck Combo (ducks and geese), as well as an afternoon pheasant hunt. You will arrive Wednesday and depart Sunday, leaving Thursday, Friday, and Saturday to hunt. The price per hunter is $5550. This total cost does not include your hunting license, permits, stamps, or staff gratuities.

The Hooray Slam

  • The Hooray Slam is a slightly shorter duration, 3 nights and 2 days. The hunt includes the Duck Combo (ducks and geese), as well as an afternoon pheasant hunt. You will arrive Sunday and depart Wednesday, leaving Monday and Tuesday to hunt. The price per hunter is $3700. This total cost does not include your hunting license, permits, stamps, or staff gratuities.

To visit the main website for Hooray ranch waterfowl hunting, click here.

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