South Dakota – Hat Creek Ranch

Located South of Hot Springs, in the South Western corner of South Dakota, is our Hat Creek Ranch.  Just a few miles from the Wyoming and Nebraska borders, the wildlife Mecca is located in the heart of the Black Hills. With just over 50,000 acres of family owned land, Hat Creek is the ideal habitat for both whitetails and mule deer and is home to one of the highest densities of antelope on the plant. Twelve miles of creek bottom, secluded valleys, acres of rolling hills and draws means great whitetail, mule deer, and antelope hunting.


Hunting the wide-open spaces of the Black Hills and surrounding grasslands requires quality optics and looking over lots of country in search of trophy game.


One little known fact in the hunting community is that South Dakota has the largest population of antelope in the United States. Early season archery antelope hunts are conducted either spotting game then planning a stalk with the use of a decoy or sitting on water sources concealed in a blind. During the rifle season it is simply a matter of spotting the right buck either while driving the roads on the property or glassing from a high vantage point then stalking within rifle range.  Out antelope hunters can expect 100% success rate on quality antelope year after year.


During the early archery season hunters can expect to hunt from tree stands in the Hat Creek bottom trying to catch the bucks moving from the bedding to feeding areas or on one our food plots. During the rifle season hunters may adapt mule deer hunting tactics of glassing the many draws on the property then stalking within rifle range of their target.  The more traditional way of hunting is to sit stands over looking the creek bottoms much as the bow hunters due during the early archery season.

Mule Deer

Mule deer hunting at Hat Creek is purely a matter of spot and stalk.  Regardless of your physical condition you can handle hunting at Hat Creek with the quality rood system on the property, we can ride and glass from the warmth of our hunting vehicles and UTV’s.  Bucks in this habitat are very visible and harvesting a trophy is simply a matter of looking over enough country, being patient, and passing the young bucks.

With all our big game hunting at Hat Creek we strive to only harvest fully mature animals assuring our clients of real trophies.


The habitat of the Black Hills region is a combination of creek bottoms surrounded by rolling hills; the dominant plant species in this environment would be native warm season grasses. The Black Hills forests rise above the surrounding grasslands. Climate of the Black Hills differs from the surrounding plains because of the influence of the increased elevation–increased precipitation and colder temperatures at the higher elevations. Plants species in the Black Hills represent a melting pot of species from the eastern deciduous forest, the northern coniferous forest, the western forests, and the grasslands. Ponderosa pine is the most dominant tree and is found throughout the Black Hills.


Antelope season

Archery AntelopeAug. 20 – Sept. 30 – Oct. 17 – Oct. 31, 2011

Firearms AntelopeOct. 1 – Oct. 16, 2011

Deer Season

West River DeerNov. 12, 2011 – Nov. 27, 2011

* Season dates are subject to change please call for current season dates.


Hunters staying at the Hat Creek Ranch will be hosted in our comfortable 4-bedroom farmhouse.  While not fancy like our Signature and the North Platt lodges, the farmhouse is a clean and comfortable place to enjoy this incredible hunting property.   Hearty home cooked meals will round out the Hat Creek experience.

Getting There

Hunters can fly into Rapid City South Dakota and rent a car to arrive to the property.


August average high 87F and low of 54F, September average high 78F and low of 43F, October average high 65F and low of 32F, November average high 47F and low of 21F. Average precipitation in the month of August is 1.77 inches, September 1.33 inches, October 1.26 inches and November is .53 inches.


3-day antelope hunt $2450

4-day Deer hunt is $3600

* prices are subject to change please call for current pricing.

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