South Georgia – Quail Hunting

For centuries South Georgia has been considered the epicenter of quail hunting and for good reason.  The highest densities of intensively managed quail properties in the world are located in South West Georgia.  Dominated by the longleaf pine and wiregrass community, this region is the ideal wild quail habitat.  The High Adventure Company’s roots are in running top quail operations and thru a partnership we are able to offer a unique private plantation experience without being “invited” to one of Georgia’s elite plantations.


Nothing can quite compare to the traditional method of hunting quail by mule-drawn wagon and horseback they way it has been done for over a 150 years.  This is the traditional method of quail hunting only found on a few select properties in the South. You can choose to ride on the wagon or on horseback while you follow the pointing dogs thru the longleaf pines in search of Mr. Bob.  Usually there will be 4 hunters on the wagon along with 3 guides, a hunt master, dog handler, and a wagon master. The wagon adds to the social experience of the hunt and assures fresh dogs are always available. A kennel with over 30 pointers and setters from only the finest bloodlines assures clients of excellent dog work.  Labs are used in conjunction with the pointing dogs to flush coveys and retrieve downed birds. Hunters will enjoy a gourmet lunch in the field and can enjoy a nap in one of the comfortable hammocks before heading back to the field for their afternoon hunt.


The community of longleaf pine and wiregrass is a traditional as quail habitat gets and what makes South Georgia the quail hunting capital of the world.   The South Georgia area is also home to large-scale agriculture including soybean, cotton, etc. which is interspersed with the longleaf wiregrass. A rotation of prescribed fire is used to manage the habitat keeping it in the perfect state to maximize the quail populations.


October 1st thru March 31st


The accommodations are what set this experience apart from every other quail operation in the country.  Where can you experience your own private plantation house, including staff without owning one of the premier plantations in the country?  Your private party will have the entire house to your self to enjoy all the hospitality that South Georgia is famous for.  Whether staying in the Manor capable of hosting 12 hunters or Quail Covey lodge, which can host 10, you will be looked after in grand style that comes with the private plantation experience. All meals will be served in your private dining room where you will experience the exquisite country gourmet food served by our talented staff. Fresh vegetables, cut-to-order steaks, and quail from the grill or smothered in gravy are a few of the main courses. Pecan pie and berry cobblers are just 2 of our favorite deserts. Each customer has the opportunity to customize their meals to their personal tastes by selecting in advance from our ala carte menu.

Getting There

Hunters can fly into Atlanta international Airport where they will have a 4-hour drive or Tallahassee, FL with a 1 ½-hour drive, or Albany, Ga with a 40 minute drive to the plantation.


The climate in South Georgia can range from extremely hot during the early season to near freezing during the winter months.


From $935 per person per day for groups of 5 or more

From $1100 per person for groups of 4