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Texas – Plomero Whitetail Hunting

The destination whitetail hunters dream about when they go to sleep at night is the famed brush country of South Texas. Texas is another one of the top 10 all time states for Boone and Crockett whitetail entries. The Plomero has been a High Adventure Company exclusive for over 10 years. Started by the late Mr. Ray Ashley, his son’s Dennis and Ronnie have carried on the serious management started by Mr. Ray that has made this one of the premier whitetail properties in the world.  Twice as large as our other South Texas ranch the Novillios, this ranch is almost 10,000 acres in one continuous tract. While The Plomero does have a perimeter fence as a mangment tool, this is as fair chase as it gets.  If you don’t think so come give it a try yourself. The High Adventure Company has taken countless monsters over the last 10 years from this region. If the success rate is the most important factor in your decision on where to hunt, look no further.


Hunting the brush of South Texas demands unconventional tactics not employed on our other properties. The most popular tactic for hunting in the brush country is observing from large shooting houses on wagon-wheel senderos. A sendero is a phrase coined in Texas basically meaning “wildlife opening”, created by running large implements, known as roller choppers, through the brush. Morning and afternoon hunts are spent observing senderos from the shooting houses. We spread corn down the senderos to draw whitetails out of the brush; this is the only effective and widely accepted method for hunting these densely brushed properties. The furthest thing from a trophy whitetail’s mind in December is corn; they are simply cruising looking for does and the senderos are the ultimate place to look. Under certain circumstances we may take hunters out rattling for the ultimate in a whitetail hunting experience!


Far away from the acorn flats and agriculture fields of the Midwest, mesquite, acacia, cactus, black brush and various other inhospitable appearing species dominate the brush country. In reality, the brush country is anything but inhospitable to the local whitetail populations. Full of protein filled legumes, the South Texas brush country is one of the most productive whitetail habitats in the world. With the addition of large multi-season food plots we have taken the brush country nutrition to next level. Acre for acre, this is the highest density of trophy whitetails in the world.


Our ranch is part of the managed lands permit system, which allows us to hunt from Sept. 27th thru February 28th. With the limited number of hunters we take on our South Texas ranches we only hunt from late Nov thru mid January.


Non-resident General Hunting tags (Type 105) cost $300 over the counter or online. We recommend that you purchase your license via the internet prior to your trip.

Trophy Expectation

On a typical hunt, our management hunters can expect to harvest a whitetail scoring from 125 to 140 BC gross. Our limited number of trophy hunters that upgrade their hunts can expect bucks scoring from the 150’s up to as high as the magical 200 inch mark.


Our hunters will be staying in comfortable accommodations on the ranch with HD TV, fire pit, and all the comforts of home. Hunters will have a light breakfast before the morning hunt followed by a large breakfast after returning to the lodge. Lunch will be served at the lodge before heading out for the afternoon hunt. Dinner is a grand affair with traditional Tex-Mex food served including large NY strips and various other typical Texas dishes.

Getting There

Hunters will fly into San Antonio International airport where they can rent a car for the 1 hour drive south to the Ranch.  Driving directions and a code to get into the ranch gate will be provided.


The following are average high and low temps for our hunting area in South Texas: Nov. 68/48, Dec 61/41, and Jan. 58/38. Average monthly rainfall is: Nov. 1.0 in,, Dec 1.1 in,, and Jan. 1.3 in.

Hunt Prices

3-day hunt: $3000*

Includes 1 whitetail buck scoring up to 140 BC gross; over 140 $100 per inch to 145. Bucks scoring over 145 $200 per inch

* a limited number of clients will be allowed to upgrade over the 150 mark.

Deer wounded and lost are considered harvested.

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