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Texas Wild Quail Hunting

High Adventure Company is proud to be able to offer wild quail hunting on the legendary Jones Ranch in South Texas. Since the late 1800’s this family ranch has been a working cattle ranch and hunting mecca. And still today vaqueros round up cattle for branding on horseback. This is hallowed ground for wild quail hunting on one of the most famed ranches in South Texas. Fine food, refreshments, lodging and great company to make lasting memories for you and your friends and family.

Hunters will enjoy the experience of hunting pastures like the Perdida (lost) Norte and Tasahal. Vast pastures with plenty of browse, grasses, mesquite and oak motts. Follow large running pointing dogs on specialized Polaris rangers thru these legendary pastures. Wild quail numbers are now back to levels the discriminating wingshooters dream of.

Our lodge is nicely furnished and well stocked with your favorite drinks, fine wines, exquisite meals and Cuban cigars. Whether it’s the Tex Mex food, American breakfast, or the prime cut of rib eye for evening dinners after the hunt, you will enjoy the first class service during your staying.

This is an exclusive hunt for your private group! For each booking, we are able to accommodate a minimum of 2 guns and a maximum of 8 guns at the Jones Ranch.

2017/2018 rates: $2750 per gun for 3 nights lodging and 2 full hunting days

2 guns: $5,500

3 guns: $8,250

4 guns: $11,000

5 guns: $13,750

Destination Gallery

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