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Wisconsin Whitetails

For years the High Adventure Company has sought to find a whitetail preserve that offers truly wild hunting and is not in the business of “put and take” deer hunting. Thanks to our friends at the world renowned Hooray Ranch we have found just such a place.  Hunters looking for a truly amazing Northern Whitetail trophy have flocked to Wilderness Whitetails. Wilderness Whitetails has consistently produced world record typical and non-typical bucks with non-typical scores ranging from the mid 300’s to 492, to typical bucks consistently in the high 180’s to nearly 260. Unlike most whitetail ranches, Wilderness Whitetails deer spend their entire lives on this diverse property. Ranging from varying-age stands of pines, impenetrable cedar swamps, rolling hills thick with hardwoods to more open heavy grassy areas, Wilderness Whitetail offers every conceivable hunting environment. Wilderness Whitetails deer are real wild deer; No deer have ever been brought into Wilderness Whitetails. They are all born here and live here, learning the 1,000-plus acre fair chase property and how to elude our hunters. There are huge 8 and 9-year bucks on the property that we never or rarely see.

Hunting Methods

Wilderness Whitetails is set up for all methods of take…rifle, muzzleloader, archery, and handgun. Comfortable spacious blinds, strategically located in key travel routes and feeding areas await you. For archery and handgun hunters Wilderness Whitetails offers more than 30 tree stands plus numerous ground blinds that will allow you to get up close and personal with your future trophy buck. As any bow hunter knows, there is nothing to compare to experiencing a monster 200” or 300” trophy Whitetail walk by you at eye level!

Greg and Shorty Flees, as well as all of the Wilderness Whitetails guides, are passionate bow hunters and are dedicated to presenting archery and handgun hunters the best opportunity to harvest the trophy of their dreams. Wilderness Whitetails knowledge of movement patterns and timing allows its hunters to be extremely successful in their quest to harvest a huge Whitetail buck with a gun, bow, handgun or muzzle loader. Over the years more than 90% of our archery hunters have enjoyed success. One of our archery hunters took a giant 311-5/8” buck a while back that held the SCI #1 World Record Book ranking for several years.

If for any reason (weather, slow movement) archery hunting becomes difficult… the hunter can elect to use one of the ranch rifles to collect his trophy.


Wilderness Whitetails offers two lodges capable of handling large corporate groups or smaller private family and friend gatherings.


Management Hunt: Mature bucks scoring up to 160 $4000
Bronze Hunt: Mature bucks scoring from 160-180 $6000
Silver Hunt: Mature bucks scoring from 180-200 $9000
Gold Hunt: Mature bucks scoring from 200+ Call for pricing

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