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Our shooting provider has been running sporting estates in England and Wales for the past twenty years and in that time has gained a wealth of knowledge and experience in game shooting. At the High Adventure Company, we know that the birds presented to you have to surpass your expectations and those of your companions. We also know that the hospitality has to be as good, if not better, than the shooting itself. To that end our dedicated team at The High Adventure Company will ensure your day is relaxed, enjoyable and seamlessly organized providing additional services whenever required.

The Shooting

Your day starts with your shooting team at our Estate lodges from about 9:15am where freshly brewed coffee and biscuits await your arrival. Guests are then briefed on the day’s shoot and draw their pegs ready for the first drive at about 10:00am. Clients then board 4X4 SUV’s and are transported to the various drives of the day.

Typically a day would consist of three drives in the morning and two in the afternoon, not forgetting breaks for our renowned elevenses (champagne & sloe gin on the first break then soup, game pie and biscuits with plenty of soft drinks available throughout) and lunch in the comfort of our centrally heated lodges. Alternatively, if time is of the essence, guests may wish to shoot through and have lunch at the end of the day.

On departure the Game Keeper will present you with a complimentary brace of pre-dressed partridge or pheasant as well as a game card of the day.

What to Bring

We suggest the following as a guide:

Attire: Whilst the traditional style of jacket is still commonplace on the shooting field, gone are many of the heavy tweed examples and in are the new light weight fabrics. These new style jackets are superb and really enable you to move freely when shooting and most importantly keep you dry. Under the jacket most people wear a shirt, tie and perhaps a pullover depending upon the weather.

Trousers & Socks: Traditionally Breeches (also know as Plus Twos and Plus Fours depending upon the leg length) have been worn and this tradition is still very much in practice today. However, some of the heavier tweeds (as with the jackets) have been replaced with new, light weight materials. Generally the Breeches finish just below the knee and your long shooting socks are then pulled up and over the bottom of the garment so keeping you warm. Garters are frequently used to keep the socks in place. Although at first thought Breeches might seem a little odd they are very commonplace in shooting field and actually exceptionally comfortable. However, if the thought really turns you off, then feel free to wear normal outdoor trousers – preferably in green or brown!

Hat: Generally people wear traditional flat caps when shooting and tweeds are still very much the norm. However, trilbies and deer stalker are also often worn.

Footwear: Whilst every effort is made to locate gun stands on hard and firm ground, getting there might be slightly different! Many of the stands are adjacent to rivers or brooks and some time, particularly after prolonged periods of rain it can become a little soggy. Therefore we do recommend wellie boots or walking boots when out in the field.

Guns & Slips: Usually guests use 12, 16 or 20 bore shot guns on our shoots we would not recommend any smaller bore size. However, if you do have a beloved 28 bore you would like to use then we will ensure good cartridges are available for you. However, should you not be able to bring your guns with you on your travels then we also have Beretta O/U and AYA side by sides for rent. Please note that you may only rent a gun when accompanied by an estate loader. Guns must be carried between stands (or drives) in a gun slip. This not only protects the guns in the field but also the vehicles as the shoot party moves around the estates. If you do not have your own then your loader can provide one for you.

Cartridges & Bags: We have a good supplier of cartridges and have them loaded to our own high specification. For the past few seasons we have used Gamebore who produced very good quality cartridges. They are fast, pattern well and have minimal recoil.  All our shoots insist that only fibre wadded cartridges are allowed.

12 Bore: Our 12 bore cartridges are suitable for 65mm (2½”) chambered guns and bigger and have a 12mm brass head. They come in 30g (1 1/16oz) or 32g (1 1/8oz) loads with a 5 shot size and fibre wad.

20 Bore: Our 20 bore cartridges are suitable for 65mm (2½”) chambered guns and bigger and have an 8mm brass head. They come in 28g (1oz) or 30g (1 1/16oz) loads with a 5 shot size and fibre wad.

Alternatives: If however you require 16, 28 or .410 cartridges then, with a little notice, we can accommodate this too.

Cartridge Bags: If you are double gunning or using a loader whilst shooting with us, then your loader will always have a cartridge bag and will generally prefer to use his/her own bag. However, if you are shooting without a loader then you will need a good bag, capable of holding at least 100 cartridges – just in case you’re in the pound seat on a drive!

Ear Defenders: Your hearing is essential and we therefore strongly advise that you always wear hearing protection when shooting. We always have soft disposable ear plugs to hand, but would recommend that you buy some quality ear defenders too. You can either get plugs that go into your ear or the phones which go over your head.

The Estates

Our Venue provider has eight shooting estates across the United Kingdom and offers some of the best pheasant and partridge shooting in England and Wales. From the 17th century royal homes to their mountains and valleys, all of our English shooting estates will test even the best of shotgunners with their terrain, mystic and natural beauty.


In England and Wales we predominately shoot Partridges and Pheasants on our Estates. The seasons for these are as follows:

  • Pheasants – 1st October -1st February
  • Partridges – 1st September -1st February

Bird Numbers

Our clients can expect between 300 and 500 pheasants per day of shooting based on the estate. If you would like additional birds then we would be delighted to organize them for you, just let your High Adventure concierge know your wishes.


A good place to stay with warm hospitality, delicious food and a commended wine list is just as important as the day’s shooting itself. Therefore, we are delighted to offer guests who not only shoot with us but other estates in the area such as The Willows Lodge, The Beeches Lodge, Cherry Tree Cottage and also The Brigands Inn. All are the perfect venue for shooting parties.

Whether you choose the Lodges or the Inn, we will ensure that your stay is memorable and we would be delighted to discuss any special requirements you may have to complete your shooting trip.

Getting There

Our clients from the US will fly into London Heathrow. Most of the national carriers in the US service London Heathrow. From the airport, clients can rent a car and drive to the estate or we can arrange private car transportation for you.

We can also assist with private plane or helicopter charters and have a number of recommended operators. We would also be delighted to organize your transfers from local rail stations. Whatever your requirements or travel plans, if you need assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us at The High Adventure Company.


The shooting season in the UK spans the beginning of autumn through to the middle of winter. So whilst there are many glorious sunny days to be had when shirt sleeves are in order, there are also those which are wet and wild! Temperatures can therefore vary between 25 degrees Celsius down to freezing and slightly beyond in a particularly cold snap. Therefore it pays to be prepared for all eventualities.

However, all our lodges have good drying rooms so should you be caught out in the rain, rest assured your jackets will be dry the next morning.

In days gone by, it was a necessity to turn out in full tweed regalia to be accepted on a shoot. These days things are significantly more relaxed, but there are still some traditions upheld.


Pricing for shooting at our estates in the UK are done on a daily basis inclusive of accommodations, food and beverages. Prices will vary depending upon the Estate, number of birds driven and available pegs.

Expect to pay between 1300.00 and 2400.00 GBP’s per day to shoot.

Private shoots exclusively for your party of 8 or more can be arranged.

Additional Items and Expenses

There are a few licenses and permits which you must have to enable you to shoot with us in England and Wales. All of these can be obtained by High Adventure very easily, but there is a lead time of at least four weeks.

Gun Permits: Anyone wishing to visit our estates to shoot must either have a British Shotgun Permit (if a UK resident) or a Visitor Shotgun Permit (if from oversees) and be accompanied by an estate loader if you have had less than five days shooting experience.

The Visitor Shotgun Permit (VSP) can easily be arranged and the sooner we have your details, including the gun details, the sooner we can ask the Police to issue it.

Gun permits are relatively easy to obtain but we do require at least four weeks notice.

Insurance: If you are shooting with us on a day, then we insist that you have Personal Liability Insurance to a minimum of £5 million cover. This can again easily be arranged by High Adventure and we suggest that you get if from The Countryside Alliance. Insurance is an integral part of their membership and annual subscription.: cost £45

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