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Booking and Deposit Policy

The High Adventure Company staff, in correspondence and conversation with you, will do their best to convey the most up -to-date information about which dates are available for your preferred excursion. However the reality of the boutique nature of the sporting adventure world dictates that we cannot “hold” dates for you without a deposit. Most sporting seasons generate interest from several parties for every available opportunity. Until a 50% (fifty percent) deposit is received in the office, the dates that you desire to schedule for your trip will still be available to other High Adventure Company clients.

Likewise, because the events and trips we offer often require a great deal of planning, preparation and scheduling on behalf of the participant, they are not items that can be readily resold on short notice. Your 50% (fifty percent) deposit is non-refundable. Deposits cannot be used for alternative dates for trips. Payment in full is due 60 (sixty) days before the scheduled departure date for your trip. Failure to make payment in full by that date will evidence to High Adventure Company that you do not intend to complete the trip, and we will release your dates and attempt to resell them to minimize loss of income for the outfitter to ensure their financial well being  and continued operation.


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