Patagonia Red Stag


Patagonia Argentina is home to some of the largest free range stags in the world.  As a pioneer of South American Red Stag hunting, High Adventure Company has been hunting this region for over 20 years and sharing its praises.  Our client list reads like a who’s who of the outdoor industry, featuring such well-known companies as Beretta, Swarovski, NRA, Under Wild Skies TV, Midway USA and Kreighoff International as our regular guests.

However, it’s not only stag hunting that draws guests to the Tipiluke Lodge. With its unique location in the foothills of the Andes, Tipiluke is surrounded by some of Argentina’s most breathtaking natural wonders. 

Located on 60,000 acres of land, Tipiluke is an ideal setting to experience fly fishing, skiing, horseback riding and mountain biking.  The refined gourmet cuisine and personalized service provided by Kevin, Mary Jo and the entire Tipiluke team ensure that hunters and fly fishers alike return time and time again to enjoy this breathtaking lodge in the heart of Patagonia.

Red Stag Hunting

Hunting at Tipiliuke is particularly exciting during the March/ April roaring season.  The favored method of hunting during the rut or roar, as it is referred to in South America, is to glass known rutting areas along the river or in the high plains surrounding the river valley. Once a stag is spotted, hunters stalk it until it is within rifle or bow range.

Typical shots average about 150 yards with much longer shot opportunities readily available in this open habitat.   Hunters can either hunt on horseback or in trucks.   Our clients typically take home one to two trophies per trip as well as free/management stags.

If you enjoy fly fishing, Tipiluke Lodge sits on one of Patagonia’s world-renowned trout fisheries, giving you access to 17 private access miles of the Chimehuin and Quilquihue Rivers.  For the ultimate experience, guests can complete a Patagonia “Grand Slam” with trophy Red Stag, a dozen California Quail, a Russian Boar, and Rainbow & Brown Trout.

Red Stag Habitat

The habitat in this area of Patagonia ranges from gently rolling hills to fairly steep mountain terrain at higher elevations.  The majority of stag hunting takes place in the hills and valleys just off the rivers, with our trophy images providing a good sense of what to expect from this beautiful region.

Hunting Season

Argentine trophy Red Stag are hunted from March to May with mid-March to mid-April being the peak of the roaring season.

Trophy Expectations

Hunters can expect to harvest multiple Red Stag trophies equivalent to a 300-class elk.  Patient hunters looking for a top-end trophy generally have an opportunity for trophies similar to a 330-350 class elk.  Tipiliuke stags are known for having great mass with dark chocolate horns with light ivory tips.  Stags in Argentina are scored on the CIC European system.


After a day in the field, return to the comfort of the world-renowned Tipiliuke Lodge, where you will enjoy the hospitality and impeccable service that make Argentina famous.  Featuring nine private rooms, Tipiluke is one of only two properties in South America to be included in Taschen’s list of the top 72 hotels in the world.

Weather & Travel

Hunters can expect mild temperatures during the March/April stag season, similar to mid-fall in the Southeast.  Daytime temperatures can reach the 80’s with morning lows in the high 40’s.  While it rarely rains during March and April, late-season trophy hunts in May can experience some precipitation.

After arriving at Buenos Aires Ezeisa International Airport, guests will be met by our ground staff and escorted to the nearby regional airport for a two-hour flight to the ski resort of San Martin De Los Andes.  From there, it is roughly a seven-minute drive to the lodge.

Direct flights to Buenos Aires are available from Atlanta, Dallas, Miami, Houston, New York, and other gateway cities.


Please call for pricing: 800-847-0834

Trophy fees vary from $1,500-$5,750 with a 10-year average of $3,000.

Additional Expenses

Airfare: You can expect to spend approximately $850 to $1,200 for the international portion of your flight with an additional $400-$600 for the connecting flight once you arrive in Argentina.  Please note: Actual prices may vary.

License fees: Check with us for current license fees.

Trophy shipping: Shipping to the US is approximately $400 per trophy. In order to keep costs down, trophy shipments should be combined with other hunters from your group.

Gun permits: $120 per gun

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