High Adventure Photo Safaris

At High Adventure Safaris, we are personally acquainted with the locations and lodges in our portfolio. We also put our focus where it belongs, on ensuring our guests and fellow adventurers have the experience of a lifetime. A pioneer in the specialty safari market, we are known throughout the industry for our exceptional service and knowledgeable staff.

When you plan your safari with High Adventure Safaris, you have the confidence of knowing you will be treated as a valued guest. Because our properties are on private reserves or concessions, the number of visitors to the area is limited. You’ll be in a comfortable, small group setting with exclusive access to sightings. That means you won’t be competing with scores of others for the best view or photographs as you pull up close to a leopard kill, a herd of elephants or a pride of lions.

Our unparalleled customer service begins at the planning phase and continues until you return home. We take the time to get to know you so we can customize a safari experience you will be talking about for years, with expert recommendations informed by our extensive travel knowledge and experience.

We look forward to planning your ideal trip!

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Africa Photo Safari’s

You will also be accompanied by guides and spotters who are intimately knowledgeable with the animals in the area.  Not only does this give you the best chance of spotting the Big Five, you also won’t miss out on unique smaller species such as birds, snakes, small mammals and vegetation.


Whether you choose a luxurious lodge or tented camp, your enjoyment and comfort will always be our top priority. Many properties offer amenities such as plunge pools, private patios and high-end spa services in addition to game drives, exquisite meals, high tea and sundowner cocktails, all of which are included in your safari at no extra cost to you.

Choosing a Photo Safari

When it comes to choosing a safari, some of the most unique destinations are further off the grid, have limited accessibility and require more planning. Whether you would like to experience the magic of the South African bush, the wondrous waterways of the Okavango Delta or the infamous Serengeti plains of the Masai Mara, we can get you there. All safaris can also be further customized to include additional locations and activities, such as the gorgeous Cape, wine tasting, or cultural experiences. It would be our pleasure to arrange it all for you.


Pricing varies by length of stay, destination and activities.

We look forward to learning about your goals and personal interests so that we can customize your safari experience to make it the trip of a lifetime.

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