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Our team has hunting in their DNA. Everyone that is associated with Flight 51 brings extensive hunting experience to the operation. Multiple team members have pursued big game and waterfowl across all of North America for over 30 years. We have shared camps with all kinds of hunters and have built the operation using the “best of the best” from all those experiences. We believe we have settled into an area on the southern Canadian prairie that has the best hunting (Waterfowl, Big game & Upland) North America offers. We welcome our few clients to experience what it feels like to hunt wild birds, giant deer/antelope and witness nature in a very remote setting. We combine this rural outdoor experience with the finest luxury lodging available in the outfitter industry.


The Canadian prairie of southern Alberta and Saskatchewan has been the most consistent quality waterfowl hunting in North America. Birds flying south regardless of the weather start arriving in great numbers the first week of September. Specks, Canadas and ducks are the first to show. These birds combine with the local Canadas and ducks to produce multiple opportunities for our clients. Sandhill cranes come next and then snows geese. By October the skies and grain fields are filled with waterfowl and the hunting opportunities are endless.


For our clients that wish to pursue upland game during their stay, both sharp tail grouse and Hungarians are available in our area. Vacant farm sites along with countless hedgerows provide the cover needed for our birds to survive during the winter months. Those areas are also the sites we target when hunting. Quality upland hunts for wild birds have become harder to come by unless one hunts in southern Alberta or Saskatchewan. Here, the bird numbers are strong and virtually do not get hunted. This leaves us great wing shooting opportunities for wild birds and tons of ground to hunt on.


The mule deer bucks that roam the southern Alberta prairie are legendary. Whether pursuing bachelor herds of bucks with a bow in the early season or during the rut with a rifle, it is a hunt no one will forget. We pursue only mature mule deer and target bucks in the 180”-200” class. The topography and deer numbers allow us to look over multiple bucks and cover lots of ground searching for something special. There have been many huge bucks taken within these units and the fun is in not knowing what will show up next. Our guides know the units well and where the bucks like to hang out. Scouting starts in late summer and goes throughout the fall. Guides take good notes and communicate back and forth as to where they are seeing good bucks. This allows the clients to have a good idea what to expect when the hunt commences. All hunts to be 1 on 1.



Our antelope tags cover 5 units in southern Alberta. The trophy potential in our area is great as many B & C bucks have been harvested. With such a huge area to cover, scouting is paramount in locating big antelope. The hunt is a good one for sportsmen who look to combo hunt waterfowl and upland with antelope the season is the last week of September. There will be lots of antelope to look at and selecting the right buck to go after is always a challenge. Rifle hunt runs last week of September.


he Whitetail Deer population in southern Alberta is strong. We allow every rifle mule deer hunter the ability to posses a whitetail tag as an additional opportunity to harvest a deer. We target mature whitetail bucks only and in the 140” and up class. Several bigger bucks have been taken in both units on past hunts. The brushy draws and river bottom country holds good numbers of whitetail and there are some giant bucks taken every season.

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