Quail Falling Like Snow at the Beretta Shooting Grounds

So excited to share the great feature in the November/December Shooting Sportsman about the quail hunting and sporting clays available at the Beretta Shooting Grounds by High Adventure Company, located at Barnsley Resort. Editor in Chief Ralph P. Stuart and his girlfriend Trina French spent a few days with us […]

Hunting in Paradise – Lanai

Back in 2016 when my High Adventure Company was first approached to manage the commercial sporting operations for Pineapple Brothers on Lanai, I confess that I knew very little about the flora and fauna of this Hawaiian island. I quickly got up to speed and learned everything I could about […]

Monster New Zealand Stag

Vernon Stenseng took this monster red stag at Poronui in New Zealand. New Zealand’s North Island has long been known as one of the top places in the world for trophy red stags and Vern has proven this to be true once again.

Field & Stream feature

High Adventure Company’s Executive Chef/Director of Outside Sales, Sean Finley features in this Month’s Field and Stream article The Duck Course for his world class duck empanadas we serve at the North Platte Outpost. We also serve up the world’s best cold weather mallard shooting!

Another C Lazy U giant

Another giant from the C Lazy U ranch!  Over the last two seasons we have proven that our Colorado ranch can rival any of the west’s big bull hotspots. Tim Abbott scored on this 350 class bull during the second week of the general rifle season.  This is our third […]

2012 Teal season is starting

We at the High Adventure Company are excited about the 2012 Teal season in Louisianna. The season starts on September 15 and ends on September 30 with 3 day / 3 night packages going for $1,550. The Honey Brake Lodge in Louisianna is one of the most spectacular lodges we […]


Eddie Bauer – Wildlife biologist, destination hunting guide, and owner/operator of the High Adventure Company

John Burrell has guided hunting and fishing in world-class locations, from Zimbabwe and New Zealand to Uruguay, Alaska, and Argentina. From fly-fishing in Patagonia and wing shooting in South Dakota to hunting big game in Africa, Burrell’s High Adventure Company has assembled the finest collection of sporting lodges worldwide. One of his favorites is Tipiliuke in Argentina, a wing-shooting and fly-fishing paradise that recently hosted former President Jimmy Carter and was named top lodge in Patagonia with an Anglers Choice Award.

Garden & Gun – Searching for Monster Trout on Georgia’s Soque River

In the headwaters, cornfields in the valleys nudge against sycamores and mountain laurel as the river, here little more than a creek, twists through banks clad in vine and wildflowers. Farther downstream, it gathers flow from limestone springs, and its rock-ribbed pools are cooled in the shade of soaring hemlock groves. The Soque River (pronounced so-quee) flows for about thirty miles contained in a single county—Habersham, merely four counties northeast of metro Atlanta—an intimacy that lends it a homey, winsome, tucked-just-out-of-sight appeal.

Shooting Sportsman – The Adventurous Life

John Burrell drops two shells into his over/under as deftly as he would plunk Alka Seltzer into a glass of water. Plop, plop. He eases closed the gun and slips into the grass, stopping shy of the staunch setter. At the handler’s command, the pin is pulled from the waiting cocker, which launches like a grenade into the cover, blowing the covey of quail skyward.