Saskatchewan and Alberta Waterfowl – Flight 51

The Flight 51 team has hunting in their DNA. Multiple team members have pursued big game and waterfowl across North America for over 30 years. The have shared camps with all kinds of hunters and have built the operation using the “best of the best” from those experiences.

The Flight 51 area of the southern Canadian prairie has the best waterfowl, big game and upland hunting, North America offers, providing you with the opportunity to hunt wild birds, giant deer and antelope in a remote setting. This rural outdoor experience is combined with the finest luxury lodging in our industry.

Duck & Goose Hunting

The Canadian prairie of southern Alberta and Saskatchewan has the most consistent quality waterfowl hunting in North America. Birds flying south regardless of the weather start arriving in great numbers the first week of September. Specks, Canadas and ducks are the first to show. Sandhill cranes come next and then snow geese. By October, the skies and grain fields are filled with waterfowl and the hunting opportunities are endless.


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